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    2009 Husky - 2980 Ton

    2009 Husky

    2980 Ton | 1062 oz oz

    General Specifications

    Brand Husky
    Tonnage2980 Ton
    Shot Size1062 oz oz.
    • USA
    • North America
    Model NumberQTL2700 RS200/200
    Options & UpgradesCan run two molds at the same time. Dual 6-Axis High Speed Fanuc Robots, Dual Ejectors, High wear Mixing Screw (Pail Resin Screw), Ball Check Valve, Hydraulic Shutoff Valve, Pneumatic Valve Gate, High Power Screw Drive, more options listed original sheet
    Machine Notes

    Update Quadloc version, Auto stack mold adjustment, machine can run one or two molds at a time and the molds can have different stack heights. The user does not need to manually adjust the linkage system to adjust the die height. The die height is adjusted automatically. The barrel is offset to the non-operator side and injects into the fixed center platen with a 90 degree nozzle assembly. The material is then distributed through the center platen (similar to a hot runner) to both sides of the platen.

    APPLICATION EXAMPLES: AUTOMOTIVE: Bumper fascia, Door panels, Engine covers, Fan blades Grilles, Tailgate panels,Wheels PACKAGING: Crates, Pallets, Trays HOUSEWARES: Baskets, Boxes and lids, Drawers, CONSUMER: Tool cases, Suitcases APPLIANCES: Bases, Housing, Lids, Trays, drawers

    Technical Specifications

    • 3-Platen
    Tie Bar Distance84.6" inches  x  66.9" inches
    Platen Size 120.1" inchesx  102.4" inches
    Daylight Min31.49" inches
    Daylight Max106.88" inches 67.91" Max Shut height
    Types of ControlsPolaris


    Overall ConditionExcellent
    Barrel & ScrewExcellent
    Material RunHDPE

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    jessica jane clement日本
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